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Mon, 15 Sep 2014
Exporting Ornamental Fish from Bekasi

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Bekasi is steadily developing into one of the centers of ornamental fish in Indonesia. Undoubtedly, according to an ornamental fish farmer from South Bekasi, Atep Setiawan, in the city which borders on the Jakarta capital there's about 15-20 exporters of ornamental fish. "The ornamental fish are actually from various regions, but the center of all the exporters is here," said the man who servesas the chairman of Bekasi’sAssociation of Ornamental Fish (AIHB).


The rise of ornamental fish business in Bekasi certainly has made the cultureof ornamental fish grow in the city. This can be seen from the number of farmers which is increasingly growing. "As of 2014, the number of farmers has reached about 700 people," said Atep whose sales turnover could reach Rp 100 million per month with a variety of ornamental fish like furcata, neon, Discus, spatula, and koki.


As a matter of fact, ornamental fish has long been cultured in Bekasi. According to one of the ornamental fish farmers from East Jakarta, Bambang Cahya Pinardi, farmers have started since the 1980s. "The players of ornamental fish farming are not in the form of independentgroups," said the man who started the business of ornamental fish in 2001.


Bambang said that, along with the other ornamental fish farmers, he started thisornamental fish business while traveling around Bekasi and to other centers, such as Depok, Bogor, and Bandung. They saw how much potential this ornamental fish business. "In terms of profit it could reach hundreds of percent. For example, by culturing just ornamental fish in 3-5 aquariums and 8 tubs for parent and experiments, the profit could reach Rp 5-10 million per month. Alarge areais not always necessary," he said.


On the other hand, said Bambang, exporters still often complain about the lack of supply to meet the high demand. Very often exporters take the amount of their daily supply several times a day or every other day because of the high demand.


Read this article completely in TROBOS Aqua magazine (printed edition), 28th Edition (Sept 15th - Oct 14th 2014)

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