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Fri, 15 Apr 2016
Catfish Village in Boyolali

Catfish Village in Boyolali

Foto: nova

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Boyolali is encouragingly developingaquaculture. The regency, which islocated in Central Java, haseven managed to establish itselfas a center for aquaculture commodities, especially catfish. It is precisely in Doplangvillage.


Boyolali Head of Livestock and Fisheries Agency Bambang Jiyanto said that the regency has three reservoirs, namely Badhen, Ceklik, andTemonggo, in which aquacultureis being developed. "There are floating net fish cages(KJA) producingtilapia of about 5-6 tons per day.A number offish farmers are developinganenvironment-based culture system. People are only allowed to catch fish by fishing, and some of the catch is given back for the maintainance of reservoirs,"he explained.


Catfish village has been growningextensively into the surrounding areas. According to the data of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Boyolali, in 2015 the regency produced 50-60 tons of fresh catfish per day. "In addition, there were Ugadi (Galah Shrimp Raised in the Rice Fields) shrimp. The volume might besmall but it is still goingon, and every Wednesday the farmersharvest their shrimp although only a few quintals,"said Jiyanto.


Although the yearly production reaches148 million juveniles, this canonly meet 30%of the need, and that’s why the farmers also get the young fish from Tulung. In the future, Boyolali willprepare a more modern breeding center, he said.


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