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Tue, 15 Nov 2016
Strengthen National Patin, Penetrate the Global Market

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The processing industry of pangasius fillet at home still survives amid the domination of fillet from Vietnam. This industry continues looking for ways to maintain its existence, including trying its luck in the global market, although such a move is not without obstacles.


PT Central Proteina Prima (CPP) is determined to focus on developing pangasius culture and the fish fillet export is being prepared. Assistant Vice President of CPP Stephanie Endang admitted that they were waiting for their export permit from the government. She did not want to confirm when questioned about the destination of their first fillet export. "Later when the permit has been finished," she said.


However, she explained that the company’s policy to export fillet is not easy. Many attributes that must be completed, including an export permit, not to mention that the product sold should be able to compete with similar products from other countries which had already entered the global market earlier, including Vietnam.


Stephanie revealed that to get into the export market cannot be done half-heartedly. "[You should be] all out!" She said. According to Stephanie, to survey a new market itself is a challenge. The quality of the fillet is not supposed to be neglected in order to achieve low production costs.


Vice President of Business & Development of PT Adib Global Food Supplies, which is also catfish processing company, Ardi Wijaya, did not deny the export opportunities for pangasius fillet export. "Good opportunity. The market is evailable," said Ardi. However, it takes a lot of preparation before being able to go into the export market.

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