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Thu, 15 Dec 2016
Pangasius and Its Marketin Bangka

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The ponds occupaying no less than 2.4 ha, out of the existing 6 ha land, look amazingly beautiful and relaxing to the eyes. Shady trees are growing everywhere, giving a shade to the fish appearing on the water surface. TROBOS Aqua, who just arrived and could not hide his amazement, was warmly greeted by Edi Iskandar, the owner of the ponds. 


Finding afish farming among the houses overlooking the busy road connecting Pangkalpinang with Sungailiat certainly means something. Moreover, the location is attractive enough to capture the interest of tourists to just stop by and glance at schoolsof fish swimming around. Hopefully, they also buy the fish that are old enough to harvest.


Unfortunately, fish farming developmentis rarely done by fish farmersin Bangka Belitung region. "Despite havingfisheries education in a college, they arerarely willing to be engaged with the culture of such fish ascatfish (pangasius / patin fish), tilapia, tembikang fish (local fish, anative of South Sumatra), or other commodities,"said Edi Iskandar.


According to Edi, there are many benefits of developing fishery commodities such aspangasius commoditythat dominateshis fish farming business. For instance, with a fish stocking of 5 thousand fingerlings, after 4-5 months the harvest can reach 2.5 tons.


The turn over is able to reach Rp 50 million for the local market, ranging from foodstalls and restaurants to consumers in traditional markets. In his 40 ponds, the man who is familiarly called Edi, can do fish stocking up to 32 thousand fingerlings.

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