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Thu, 15 Dec 2016
Substitute Protein Supports Self-Made Feed

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Protein and amino acids are key factors in fish feed. Unfortunately, the procurement of these materials often faces constraints simply because they are still imported from other countries. However, it is impossible to eliminate these components only to reduce the feed cost.


For this reason, Sukoso, a professor atthe Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences,Brawijaya University, has been conducting research to find sources of protein and amino acids. "I have done some research since 2000 to look for sources of protein and amino acids, and of course the sourcesof the raw materials should not compete with the food," he told TROBOS Aqua.


Sukoso said that the results of his study are expected to be able to support the program of  Independent Feed Movement (Gerpari). He hoped that through his findings world fishery issues could bere solved one by one, which is in line with the goal of the Ministry of Marine affairs and Fisheries.


According Sukoso, Gerpari, which has been launched by the government, is the solution movement for a number of feed problems, ranging from supply constraints to the high increase in feed prices. The crux of the problems is that the components of feed ingredients are imported, such as fishmeal and soybean. Indeed, both materials have a central role in feeds since they are the sources of protein and amino acids.

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