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Sun, 15 Oct 2017
Raising the Thousand Islands Mariculture

Raising the Thousand Islands Mariculture

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Hobi Akua

The thousand islands belonging to the administration of the province of DKI Jakarta are the only locations that have good potential for marine and fisheries development in the nation's capital. This is especially because the land area of Jakarta is already hard to find.


The great potential for aquaculture in the thousand islands is recognized by Head of Food, Maritime and Agriculture Agency of DKI Jakarta, Darjamuni. "The prospect is very good," said the man familiarly called Jaja. In addition to their supportive location, the development of marine aquaculture in the thousand islands is also an effort to replace the livelihood of fishermen whose catch is reduced to cultivation.


According to UPT head R. Una Rusmana, the ideal potential for mariculture in the Thousand Islands reach approximately 52 hectares. However, the current utilization is still far from the potential that exists. "So, based on the research results, we have 52 hectares of the potential for cultivation in the Thousand Islands. We have only used 1 - 2 hectares so far," said Una.


Una even hoped further, the floating fish cages (KJA) in the Thousand islands, especially the islands of tourist destinations, can be integrated with other tourism activities. The existing KJAs are not only for cultivation but also tourist attraction. The activities that can be added are related to feeding, fishing, even cooking the fish cultivated. "In the future, in the thousand islands we want to build minawisata (fishtourism). So, people want to see fish, go fishing, cook the fish," said Una, full of hope.

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